i sell my soul
i think i'm bold
so i feel wanted
but now i'm haunted, i lost it
you haunt my mind
and every thought
i'm thinking why
does it have to be this hard
de repente no puedo respirar
necesito un poco de libertad
que te alejes por un tiempo de mi lado
que me dejes en paz
siempre fue mi manera de ser
no me trates de comprender
no hay nada que se pueda hacer
soy un poco paranoico lo siento
maybe next year I'll have no time
to think about the questions to address
am I the one to try to stop the fire?
all this running around
trying to cover my shadow
an ocean growing inside
all the others seem shallow
all this running around
bearing down on my shoulders
i can hear an alarm
must be morning
I was raging, it was late
in the world my demons cultivate
i felt the strangest emotion but it wasn't hate, for once
i was holding and I was searching endlessly
but baby, now there's nothing left that I can do